About Niagara Tenants Union

Niagara Tenants Union (NTU) is a grassroots network of volunteer tenants and activists who are working together to build tenant power and resistance against skyrocketing rents, gentrification and displacement, and harmful landlords.
We are based in St. Catharines and hope to expand to support other communities in Niagara Region to organize themselves. We are direct action focused and aim to respond to the housing crisis by getting organized and building autonomous tenant power to fight back against things like evictions, unsafe rental units, rent increases, landlord abuse and harassment, and broader issues of structural housing inequality.
NTU is currently is need of volunteers! Please contact us if you would like to work together fighting back against your bad landlord, and for better housing conditions across Niagara Region! We’re stronger together!

Please email niagaratenantsunion@gmail.com to get involved with NTU!

We are an action group of OPIRG Brock, a social, economic, and environmental justice organization working in the Niagara region since 1988.


If you’d like to donate to NTU, you can do so through OPIRG Brock! Please etransfer opirgbrockfinances@gmail.com and in the comments write that it’s for NTU.

Afterward, please email  opirgbrockfinances@gmail.com  and info@opirgbrock.com  with a screenshot of the etransfer or with the details of it written out (we’re having some issues seeing the etransfers come through that we’re trying to sort out, so for now this helps us keep everything straight!). Thank you for your donation!

You can find more information on donating to OPIRG Brock on their website: https://www.opirgbrock.com/donations.